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Laser Hair Removal: At Home Versus Professional

Are you sick and tired of shaving? Save yourself time, money, and stress with laser hair removal instead! About 90% of laser hair removal patients report permanent hair loss after three to six sessions.

Many people think buying a handheld device to use at home will save them money. That’s not necessarily true. You might benefit more from scheduling an appointment with a professional instead.

Not sure which route to take?

Here are seven factors to consider when comparing professional and at-home treatments. By reviewing this guide, you can find the best option for your needs (and budget).

1. Access to Experienced Pros

What do you already know about laser hair removal treatments? Have you tried laser hair removal at home before? If not, there’s a lot to learn.

For example, you need to cleanse the treatment area before you start. If you visit a professional, they can provide you with a high-grade numbing gel.

You also need to wear protective eyewear before using the laser.

Are you treating areas that are hard to reach? You might need someone else’s help. A professional will hold the skin taut to remove the hair.

What device is best for your skin and hair type? What treatment option is best for your goals?

Working with a professional will give you access to this information and more.

2. Long-Lasting Results

You should notice results following your first treatment. However, results can vary between patients. Different factors affect your results, including:

  • The type of laser used
  • Your hair’s color and thickness
  • The treatment area
  • The color of your skin

Most people notice a 10 to 25% reduction in hair after their first treatment. You will need multiple treatments to remove the hair. After your multiple treatments, the hair should stay gone for months or even years.

When your hair does grow back, you might notice less than before. It could even grow back finer and lighter in color than usual.

Which treatment option provides longer-lasting results? Visiting a professional will give you access to better machines. These machines can offer better results than even the best at-home laser hair removal device.

However, you might need maintenance appointments if you visit a professional. An appointment every few months or years can help you remain hair-free.

3. Fewer Sessions

At-home devices don’t offer the same level of intensity as professional machines. As a result, you might need multiple sessions for a single treatment area.

You will need multiple appointments if you go to a professional. They can still reduce the number of treatments you need overall, though.

4. Accuracy

If you’re inexperienced with laser hair removal at home, you might miss a few hairs.

A professional will have the experience and expertise necessary to ensure accuracy. They’ll make sure you don’t miss a single strand.

Otherwise, you could end up with hairy patches across your body.

5. Pain Levels

One benefit of an at-home machine is the settings. Many machines allow you to adjust the intensity to suit your pain tolerance level. A lower intensity, however, will mean more treatment sessions.

Remember, a professional can provide you with a topical anesthetic to use before your treatment. By easing the pain, they’ll make sure you get the best possible results from your laser hair removal appointments. They can adjust the settings based on your pain tolerance, too.

6. Limitations

Many of the at-home hair removal devices available for purchase aren’t FDA-approved. In fact, these products often come with warnings that they’re not ideal for certain skin types.

If you choose the wrong device for your hair color or skin tone, it could cause side effects. For example, you might notice your skin pigment changes. Scarring is possible, too.

Your consultation appointment will help your aesthetician determine the best treatment option for your skin and hair type. They’ll also make sure you’re an ideal candidate for laser hair removal. Otherwise, you could waste valuable time and money.

7. Cost

As you explore your options, you might start to wonder about laser hair removal prices.

A professional laser hair removal treatment could cost a few hundred dollars for each session. It can take more than a dozen sessions before you remove every follicle. Since results vary based on your skin tone and hair, the costs can vary, too.

Before you schedule your first laser hair removal consultation appointment, do your research. This process will help you determine the average price in the area.

Some people are so focused on getting the lowest price that they don’t realize what they’re paying for.

An at-home laser might cost between $400 and $500. It might seem like a great investment at first. However, the at-home lasers available offer less power than a laser you’ll find at a professional center.

You can choose between two different types of at-home hair removal devices.

These include true lasers and lasers that use intense pulsed light. Both are capable of removing your hair, but remember, they’re not very powerful. Using a less-powerful device will likely make treatments less effective.

As a result, you’ll need even more sessions to rid the treatment area of hair.

Before you make a choice based on price, recognize what you’re sacrificing. You won’t have an experienced expert you can rely on. You’ll have a less powerful, less effective machine, too.

Many at-home devices have limited battery power. You might even need to replace light cartridges.

What if the results don’t last?

Don’t waste your money! Instead, schedule a consultation with a professional to review your options. They might have a treatment plan that fits your budget.

At-Home Versus Pros: Exploring Your Laser Hair Removal Options

While an at-home device seems like a way to save money, you likely won’t receive the results you’re hoping for. Keep that in mind.

Remember, it’s important not to rush to make a decision regarding your laser hair removal options. Instead, consider scheduling a consultation first. Speaking with a professional can help you find the ideal treatment for your skin tone and hair type.

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