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Intro to NovaThreads: a hot new trend

Isn’t it moving to reflect on how far we’ve come as a society that once believed self-love was an overindulgent or selfish act? Nowadays we recognize the importance of treating ourselves and taking advantage of services that make us feel our best. Looking in the mirror and wishing those fine lines away sometimes just doesn’t do the trick. At Pure Aesthetics we make it much easier with the pure magic of NovaThreads!

Over the last 25 years the realm of Aesthetic Medicine has rapidly evolved. When Botox was approved in the early 2000’s the aesthetic field was forever changed. Since then there have been a number of popular trends , but let’s talk about the latest and hottest trend, NovaThreads! About an hour after your procedure you will see instant results, which beats waiting days or weeks for your face to decompress. Keep reading to learn more about the hottest kept secret to instantly look and feel younger!

These absorbable surgical sutures offer a non-invasive treatment that adds volume and lifts saggy, loose skin. This process generates new collagen and enables your skin care professional to mold skin into a more radiant, youthful position.

Nova what?

NovaThreads Pure Aesthetics PDO

NovaThreads are a cosmetic facial rejuvenation procedure using FDA Approved polydioxanone (PDO) sutures, (used safely for decades in surgery). You may be wondering what the perks of NovaThreads are as opposed to a facelift or other cosmetic procedure. First and foremost, the results are instant, and will continue improving 4-6 weeks after treatment as any swelling and bruising subsides. NovaThreads are the perfect choice for you if you’ve been thinking about softening/tightening your jawline, joules, cheekbones, chin, and neck. Our skilled injectors can place the threads almost anywhere we would use a filler, but instead of filling, they lift the skin! Another benefit to NovaThreads are the lasting results! 6-9 months after the body naturally metabolizes the threads, you will still maintain results for many months to come. This procedure is a wonderful alternative to clients who are looking for a “lifted” look, as opposed to a fuller look. Skin resurfacing treatments can be the solution for mild skin sagging as they could restore some degrees of skin firmness, but until recently surgery was the only way to remove loose skin!

Does it hurt? What can I expect?

Our goal at Pure Aesthetics is to keep you as comfortable as possible! A local anesthetic will be used to minimize discomfort, and since the procedure is extremely quick you shouldn’t experience more than what some clients describe as a bit of a “strange sensation”. Beauty shouldn’t be painful, that’s our goal! During the treatment, your injector will use a preloaded needle to insert the threads into your skin (either the face or body). The thread is left beneath the skin once the needle is removed. Your skin will begin gently reacting to the threads and immediately start repairing itself around the suture. The threads can be placed in areas of volume loss or fill a fold, and also can be placed to pull and tighten the skin (neck and brows for example). If you’re unsure where you’d prefer to have the threads placed, our team of highly skilled aestheticians will help you decide! Cool, right?!

As we get older, our bodies gradually produce less and less collagen, which leads to an 80% reduction in skin thickness by about age 70.

What does recovery look like?

You can expect a few days of tenderness, depending on which threads and what area was treated. There may be some residual bruising and minimal swelling. Nothing compared to the swelling that comes after a filler. The best part is your skin constantly works to fully absorb the threads but and will leave you with no scar tissue.  As the thread continues breaking down, your body is producing collagen and essentially taking the threads place giving you results that typically last about a year and sometimes up to 2 years.

As always, our team at Pure Aesthetics is dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals! Request a PDO/NovaThreads consultation with our team at Pure Aesthetics to see how NovaThreads can help Renew, Beautiful You.

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