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Intensif Micro-Needling With Radio Frequency

Some of the most popular energy-based systems are radio frequency based or RF. With different options; mono polar, unipolar, and bipolar, one can receive aesthetic outcomes such as improvement in skin laxity and improve overall anti-aging through increasing collagen and elastin fibers.

EndyMed, is a unique device that supplies multiple hand pieces, those offering RF and one unique hand piece offering micro-needling and RF paired together to yield the best outcome for acne scars, deeper wrinkles, stretch marks and loose skin.

The controlled trauma that occurs on the dermal layer with micro-needling sends signals to the body to repair the trauma. Collagen cells are woken up and begin working in overdrive, improving your skins laxity, textural issues and scarring. The RF that is paired along with the device is yet an additional form of collagen producing stimulation. The two paired together result in more of an intense repair and quicker healing time since the heat from the RF helps to coagulate the pin prick bleeding associated with micro-needling.

Typically one needs three-five sessions with four-six weeks apart. There is little to no down time after the procedure other than erythema. Avoiding direct sunlight for 24-48 hours is helpful in preventing any adverse reactions such as sunburn or pigmentation issues.

Popular product pairing is retinols, vitamin c serums and growth factor.

Ask your aesthetician if this is the right service for you.

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