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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Laser Hair Removal is a fantastic solution to getting rid of the undesirable hair that grows on your body. After only a handful of sessions, your skin becomes more smooth, with less hair in the treated areas.

How does it work?

Lasers used at Pure Aesthetics for effective laser hair removal include alexandrite 755 nm and NdYag 1064. The laser is attracted to pigmentation and therefore the client needs to have brown or black hair for best results. Those with blonde, gray, white or red have the choice to have electrolysis done which is a method of removing each individual hair one at a time. Tedious but permanent.

Typically a person can expect to have 6-8 sessions of laser hair removal. If treatments are being done on the facial region, appointments are made for every 4-6 weeks. Treatments taking place on the body will be done every 6-8 weeks. This is when the hair growth cycles are said to be in their active phase. During times outside of this time frame the hairs begin going into their shedding phase and, therefore, they are no longer attached to the hair maker making the treatment less effective. Staying on a consistent schedule will help ensure the treatments take place in a timely fashion. Depending on the area treated determines the amount of time spent in the treatment room. An area such as the upper lip can be as quick as 2-5 minutes. Full back or legs can take as long as 30-45 minutes. There is a zimmer machine that blows out cold air that helps counteract the feeling of the laser. At most, the laser treatment feels like a slight rubber band snap, completely tolerable. Most clients are pleasantly surprised.

How to prep for your laser hair removal treatment.

Show up to your appointment shaven, free of oils, lotions, sunless tanners and suntan of any sort. This helps to limit any adverse reactions. Also, be sure to mention if and what medication you are on, as some medications can cause light sensitivity.

Start enjoying your smooth skin, no more irritations, saving time in the shower and money with no more razor purchases!

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