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Exfoliation – The Key To Glowing Skin

Ever look in the mirror and notice your skin needs a pick me up? Exfoliation is an important step in the skin care routine to help remove the dead layer of skin that creates the dull appearance over time. With proper exfoliation the skin will appear more radiant, softer, as well as be more accepting of products. There are different options, physical, chemical and mechanical. Finding the right approach by speaking to our licensed aestheticians will ensure you don’t exfoliate deeper than necessary.

Along with aging comes dryness, which means the skin needs exfoliation on a regular basis to improve skin clarity. This new step in your skin care routine will allow the products being used to penetrate easier instead of fighting through the dead skin cell barrier. In return, flawless skin and ease of make up application will be apparent.

There are many forms of exfoliation, the in office methods consists of Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaining, Enzyme Peels/Masks, and Chemical Peels. Your skin care provider will evaluate your skin to determine the necessary plan of action. At home options are cleansing brushes, commonly known as the Clarisonic, beta hydroxy/ alpha hydroxy acids, and enzyme based scrubs.

Once again it is important that you retrieve advice from your licensed aesthetician to ensure you are using the recommended products for your skin type.

With this one additional step in your skin care routine, you can be guaranteed to be stopped by your friends asking what you have done differently.

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