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Coolsculpting – Now Introducing Dual-Sculpting Two Treatments In Half The Time!

5 Things You Should Know About Dual-Sculpting:

1. Double the Treatment:
CoolScuplting is a technology that kills fat cells with controlled cooling. Dual-Sculpting is CoolSculpting with 2 machines instead of 1.

2. Two is better than One!
The dual part of Dual-Sculpting means you can have two different areas treated at the same time during one appointment.

3. Dual-Sculpting is a Time Saver:
Dual-Sculpting shortens appointment times and you’ll see more comprehensive results sooner because more trouble areas can be treated at one time!

4. You’ll see the best Dual-Sculpting results from an Expert Provider:
Remember to put your trust in a Certified CoolSculpting Technician. Pure Aesthetics is rated the #1 CoolSculpting office in North Central Florida! Our two providers, Lindsey Monaghan and Carissa Blaser, are CoolSculpting University graduates with years of experience.

5. Dual-Sculpting is customizable:
Asymmetry is very common with fat distribution throughout the body. With Dual-Sculpting we can customize your treatment by using different sizing applicators in each area as needed!

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