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Coolsculpting CoolMini At Pure Aesthetics

Finally, there is an option to get rid of a double chin without surgery or needles! Pure Aesthetics is excited to be able to offer the CoolMini.

The CoolMini is designed to treat smaller pockets of fat, including the submental or chin fat area, also known ast the double chin. The technology is exactly the same as the standard Coolsculpting only the CoolMini uses a smaller handpiece that tucks perfectly beneath the chin. This applicator can also treat stubborn areas of fat such as bra fat and knees.

Patients can see results in as early as three weeks, with the most dramatic results observed one-three months following the treatment. The results, achieved in as little as one or two office visits, have been very encouraging with a high patient satisfication rate and the same level of efficacy as the other Coolsculpting applicators.

The accumulation of fat under the chin can be a result of lifestlye, age, or genetic factors and unlike other common problem areas of the body, cannot be hidden or disguised with clothing. Data from a 2014 study conducted by The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) showed that approximately 68 percent of people were concerned with chin and neck fat. Additionally, a recent study conducted in the United States revealed that 22.4 million people are interested in seeking non-invasive fat reduction solutions.

The FDA clearance is based on data from a U.S. pivotal Clinical trial involving 60 male and female patients, ranging in age from 22 to 65 years old. In the trial, patients receive one-two treatments in the area under the chin, each six weeks apart resulting in an average of 20% fat reduction, which is in line with results achieved with other Coolsculpting applicators.

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