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5 Eye Opening Reasons Why More Adults Are Getting Laser Hair Removal

Life is already so busy, filled with the things to do, people to see, and routines to cycle through. If you’re like many Americans, it might feel as if you have no free time for yourself at all. Even a simple task like shaving can add up time and time again to be a burdensome weight on your weekly schedule.

We shave because we want to look good, and in the modern era, that means getting rid of a lot of hair in a lot of different places on our bodies. This can be a frustrating, time-consuming, and sometimes even painful process. And we put ourselves through it again and again.

What if you didn’t have to? That’s the promise of laser hair removal. Adults across the country are falling in love with this procedure, and you could be next to join. Read on, and we’ll walk you through a few different reasons why this process is such a hit.

1. Laser Hair Removal Saves You Time

You’ve got a job, maybe kids, a social life, and then there’s still that stack of books by your bed that you haven’t gotten to. It’s a familiar situation for many folks. And it doesn’t help that you spend hours of your year in the bath or at the bathroom mirror shaving.

This doesn’t even factor in the extra time you’ve spent on runs to the convenience store for razors or the time sunk into an emergency waxing session before a big night out.

The short story of it is: shaving is time-consuming. With laser hair removal, you can cut that time down significantly, and restore it to other areas of your life. Most other hair-removal methods are temporary and short-lasting, but the big benefit of laser hair removal is that one you get rid of the hair? It’s gone forever.

The mind reels at what you can do with all those hours you would’ve spent shaving for the rest of your life. Even the process itself is fast, requiring only a brief appointment to get the job done.

Before Laser Hair Removal Before
After Laser Hair Removal After

2. It Saves You Money Too

Not only does the laser hair removal process save you time, but it also saves you something just as valuable: your money. While the up-front cost of laser hair removal is obviously more expensive than a pack of razors, the process is the more affordable route in the long-run.

It’s not hard to see why. Razors, especially women’s razors, are so expensive. The average woman is estimated to spend over $10,000 in her lifetime on plastic razors. That’s a huge amount of money!

The laser hair removal process is much more affordable just about anywhere you go. You can talk to a medical professional about your particular situation and see just how much you could save by going the permanent hair removal route.

3. You Can Help The Environment

Laser hair removal isn’t just good for yourself. It’s actually good for the world too. Billions of plastic razors and shaving cream cans are discarded around the world each year. As you can imagine, this incredible amount of trash isn’t good for the environment, and they can take years and years to decompose.

Laser hair removal rids you of the need to buy such products, thus ridding you of the necessity of contributing to this growing problem.

Less time shaving also often means less time with the shower running, which is helpful to the environment as well. Shorter showers mean less water wasted, and a happier Planet Earth for all of us.

4. Look Great Year-Round

If you’re like many people, your shaving habits might get a little bit slimmer in the winter months, where your skin is hidden more frequently under pants and jackets. And yet, there’s always that surprising day with fine weather that comes, and you’re stuck rushing to shave so you can dress appropriately for the day.

Laser hair removal solves this problem by giving you the flexibility to dress how you’d like year-round. You won’t have to keep track of or even think about whether you need to shave or not, because the job will already be done.

That’s a peace of mind and lack of stress that’s well worth the investment for many Americans.

5. Quit Cutting or Hurting Yourself

The technology used in laser hair removal procedures is cutting edge. The process operates at a near-microscopic level, ensuring simple and completely painless removal of hair follicles. Hair removal is completely safe, comfortable, and easy to experience.

Shaving, on the other hand, doesn’t always feature such a happy ending. How often have you cut, pricked, or accidentally slashed at your own skin with a razor? Probably too many to count. These little incidents can be annoying at best and extremely painful or inconvenient at worst.

Have you ever had to leave the house and go somewhere while bleeding because you cut yourself while shaving? It’s not the state of mind you want to be in when you leave the house.

Many Americans are thrilled about laser hair removal because it means they’ll never have to deal with his pain and irritation again. Laser hair removal offers a permanent solution to these problems.

The Best Laser Hair Removal

The reasons Americans of all ages are falling in love with laser hair removal is obvious: there are just far too many benefits. The above are just a few of the many reasons why laser hair removal is right for so many people and might be right for you.

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