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3 Must Have Products

No matter your age there are three must-have products for keeping your skin spotless and beautiful.

  1. SPF30 or higher.
    A daily moisturizer that contains this amount of SPF, covering both UVA and UVB while also containing zinc oxide is a must. This not only aids in prevention of future skin cancer but also helps with the hindrance of premature aging.
  2. Vitamin C 15% or 30%.
    This product has been found to hold beneficial antioxidants for your skin to allow for a gorgeous glow. What’s even better about this natural ingredient? If you are starting to see signs of sun spots or undesirable pigmentation on your face, daily use of this can help fade away and keep sun spots at bay.
  3. Retin A or Tretinoin.
    While these products were originally used as acne treatments, studies found that they also helped reduce and/ or reverse the signs of aging. The sooner you get started on this product the better your skin will look down the road. When providing skin consultations to my clients I can tell right off the bat who has been using or is using this product because of the texture, tightness and overall appearance of their skin! If not used properly or given the correct strength, this product can be very irritating to the skin. Please be sure to consult with your experienced aesthetician or physician prior to use.

Now that you know my Top Three Skin Must Haves call today for your free consultation!

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