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Hello, 2021 – A Letter From Carissa Blaser

2021 Glow Up

It’s that time of year again, out with the old, in with the new! That catch phrase has always resonated with me, but this year left me contemplating. How much of what’s “old” do we want to throw away? And what”new” do we want to welcome into this fresh year? Personally, at the beginning of every year I take some time to do damage control. I re assess what’s worth keeping around, and let go of what’s no longer serving me. It’s essential to laying a strong foundation. Taking inventory of your life and all of the things in it. The big things, the little things. ALL of the THINGS. Which can be overwhelming. Especially as a business owner, there’s a ton of inventory that needs to be done. But starting from the inside out is key to maintaining personal and professional success. Keeping an open mind and healthy insight to what 2021 will bring us….Better yet, what we can bring into 2021.

Beginning with a healthy mind, body, and soul. When we feel good, we look good. It’s impossible to perform at our very best when we’re struggling physically. Maintaining a balanced diet, consistent exercise routine, and investing in our mental health are all excellent ways to give back to ourselves. When we’re able to create and maintain balance, then we’re able to get up and show up for anything that needs our attention. We’re capable of fulfilling our goals, meeting expectations of others, and dreaming of future endeavors yet to come.

My wish for you this year is an abundance of health and happiness!

Love, Carissa Blaser

As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin.— Pablo Neruda