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10 Ways to Increase Your Collagen Production Non-Surgically

Collagen products are all over the market and have been on the rise for the past several years. Non-invasive collagen production solutions are being sought after to improve our youthful appearance without having to undergo surgery.

Are you starting to notice fine lines, a reduction of elasticity in your skin, or areas of sagging skin? Even those that haven’t noticed these signs are using collagen products to get ahead of the loss of collagen before it begins. Aging and collagen production go hand in hand.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein that your body produces in the extracellular matrix, secreted by various cells- mainly connective tissue cells.

As we age, our collagen production naturally decreases. As a result of decreased collagen production we notice these effects:

  • Thinning skin
  • Sagging skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hair loss
  • Weaker joints
  • Stiff joints
  • Painful ligaments and tendons
  • Loss of bone density

Collagen not only makes us look younger but also affects the way we feel and function because several types of collagen make up parts of our tendons, ligaments, supports bones, and joints.

Do you want to stop the loss of collagen, and boost collagen production without invasive surgery? There is a bunch of things that you can do from changing your diet and exercise habits to starting collagen supplements and topical options. Don’t let another collagen losing minute pass by without taking action.

1. Endymed Intensif

This minimally invasive procedure works with microneedling and a radiofrequency that will increase collagen and result in tighter skin, diminished acne, and smaller pores. A package of 3 to 5 sessions is recommended for optimal results. After 3 to 5 sessions, you will notice clearer, tighter, more beautiful skin for up to one year.

Woman getting Endymed microneedling treatment on her face

2. Ingestible Collagen-Production-Boosting Products

Taking high-quality ingestible collagen production boosting products like these is a great way to kickstart the body’s natural collagen making process:

  • Powders- add into drinks or food
  • Bottled collagen drinks
  • Pills
  • Liquids
  • Gummies

The recommended daily dosage is 2.5-15 grams of collagen.

3. Skinade Drinks

Working from the inside, out, this bottled beverage will quench your thirst and hydrate you completely. The skin all over your body will feel hydrated, tighter, and more supple. In addition to increasing collagen, Skinade helps with skin issues such as psoriasis and acne.

4. The Best Collagen Pills

Marine collagen pills are gluten, soy, starch, yeast, wheat, and lactose-free. They include hyaluronic acid which is vital for hydration, and after taking 4 a day people see a noticeable difference in the tightness of skin, hydration, stronger hair and nails.

5. Applying Topical Products

You can put all the products you want into your body, but you should also be using a good topical regimen. Alastin daily skincare regimen is a great set of neck cream and all-over body serum to clear the worries of ageing and collagen production. Clear out old collagen, and refresh it with new healthy collagen that will sculpt your problem areas overnight.

6. Facial Massage

Facial massage promotes blood flow to the skin and can help tighten loose areas. When you are applying topical collagen products for skin always apply it in an upward motion. See your aesthetician for more tips!

7. Make Dietary Changes

Certain foods can have naturally occurring collagen content and could boost collagen production. Adding more of these foods into your regular diet may help increase the amount of collagen your body makes!

Bone broth has been a trending product lately because of its health benefits, but also because it is packed with collagen. Use bone broth as a base for soup, a drinkable meal replacement on the go, or a daily bone broth supplement. Typically beef or chicken is used.

Chicken has been used for centuries to revitalize the body and replenish collagen. To reap the collagen benefits of chicken, it is important to use bone-in, and skin on the meat.

Fish contains collagen in its skin and bones and is the most easily absorbed by the human body. You can either make a stock from boiling a whole fish or take marine collagen supplements.

Vitamin C-rich foods and vitamin C supplements will not directly boost collagen production. However, in conjunction with the enzymes, it does produce, collagen production will increase. In addition to that, the presence of appropriate amounts of vitamin C in the body, wounds, and injuries will heal faster.

Amino acids are necessary for the production of collagen, three in particular. Proline, Lysine, and Glycine all work together (and separately) to aid the body’s cells in producing the appropriate amount of collagen to keep bones and joints strong, and skin elastic and healthy.

8. Increase Physical Activity

If you are on a mission to increase your collagen production, you can do that by increasing your physical activity. Exercise naturally boosts collagen production and increases circulation. Don’t forget to do facial exercises, too!

9. Reduce Collagen Loss

All this talk about boosting collagen production may have you wondering what you can do to hold onto the collagen that your body makes. Well, one thing we can not control is the natural aging process which takes some of our collagen with each passing year.

The good news is that there are several things you can control. Some activities we might participate in are sucking up our collagen.

  • Smoking
  • Excessive exposure to the sun
  • Eating a diet that is high in sugar
  • Too many refined carbohydrates

Cutting out these bad habits, and adding in good ones like taking collagen supplements, exercising, and getting facials will result in almost immediate improvement of the skin- and mental health!

10. Try NovaThreads

As far as fast-acting procedures go, NovaThreads is at the top of the list. One hour after leaving the office you will notice a complete transformation that is comparable with a surgical facelift!

This revolutionary cosmetic procedure involves inserting polydioxanone sutures which are FDA approved and have been used for medical surgeries for decades. NovaThreads can be inserted in the face or body, wherever you have sagging skin and loss of collagen.

Get Botox Injections

Not a permanent solution, but Botox lasts up to 4 months and can be redone after that time to keep up appearances. The process is quick, only about 15-20 minutes with fast results. Botox is one of the most affordable solutions and can also help with migraines and headaches.

**This will not affect your collagen production, but can make it look like you’ve boosted your collagen overnight!

Finding the Fountain of Youth

Don’t worry, get active with your collagen production boosting. Worrying just creates more fine lines and wrinkles, anyway!

You are not alone in your journey for more youthful healthy looking skin- reach out to the professionals at Pure Aesthetics to schedule a consultation today.

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